About Us

Our motto : Quality of Mind equals Quality of Service

CleanCon Services Sdn Bhd was incorporated in mid October 2004 to take over and expand the contract cleaning business of Cleancon Services, a Company established since July 1993 in Malaysia.

We have an experience that spans over 30 years in the industry, having acquired much of this vast exposure through working with various leading companies prior to the setting up of CleanCon.

Today, Cleancon provides both Contractual and Non-Contractual cleaning service to a host of Offices, Retail Outlets, Schools, Colleges, Condominiums, Embassies, Relief Centres, Showrooms, Hotels, Clubs, Warehouses and others.

The experience gained allows us to provide quality services to all our existing and future potential clients. Conscious of the need for constant improvements to increase productivity and efficiency with a dedicated commitment, we strive continuously to better ourselves.

We are highly motivated, attuned and competent in every aspect of professional cleaning services. We aim to provide quality service. We aim to encourage and cultivate similar discipline with our people to meet these goals; to perpetuate Growth with good discipline and the right attitude to serve.

Our mission statement :

  • To serve customers via quality management - with commiment, efficiency and dedication.
  • To provide high quality cleaning standards and services to all customers.
  • To achieve excellence through learning and constantly improving ourselves as a company.
  • To nurture good people asset through caring, listening and discipline.
  • To maintain highest quality service through stringent checks and supervision.

    "With Knowledge comes Proficiency. With Proficiency comes Progress."

    Hopefully, we may be of service to your esteemed company next.